Party Building Work

  Xinguang Group built its Party branch in September 1991 and set up its general Party branch including 7 Party branches in May 2005. The Party branch has 88 registered Party members. The general Party branch has been awarded advanced primary party organization for several times. The Party organization of the company has been successively awarded “Advanced Party Branch” by the Party Committee Government of Luozhuang Town, “Advanced Party Branch” and “Advanced Group in Implementing the Important Thought of ‘Three Represents’” by the Street Party Working Committee of Luozhuang District, “Advanced Enterprise Party Organization”, “Advanced Primary Party Organization” and “Scientific Development Pioneering Enterprise” by the Chinese Communist Party Committee of Luozhuang District, “Advanced Party Members Activity Room” by the Municipal Propaganda Department of Linyi City, and “Advanced Primary Party Organization of Non-public Economic Organization” by the Non-public Economic Organization Working Committee of Linyi Municipal Party Committee.
  To guide and support the healthy development of non-public sectors of the economy, strengthen the party construction of non-public enterprises and fully display the political core role of party organizations and the exemplary and vanguard role of party members, the general Party branch of the company takes measures in the aspects of making innovation in organization setting, attaching importance to selecting “head goose”, enriching the activities and life of party members, perfecting system construction, etc., and highlights the theme of “Strengthening Party Construction by Centering on Economy, Strengthening Party Construction to Promote Economy”.
  Party organization is the core and soul of an enterprise and party construction work is an indispensible important component of enterprise development. The general Party branch of the group, taking striving for excellence as the carrier and building “pioneering enterprise in scientific development” as the tongs, and centering on the spirit of the eighteenth congress of Chinese Communist Party” and the central task of the enterprise, fully displays the political core role of the party organization among staff and its political leading role in enterprise development, provides strong organization guarantee and spiritual motive force for enterprise development, constantly improves the image and overall strength of Xinguang, and turns the political advantage of striving for excellence into the enterprise’s advantage in scientific development, injecting fresh blood into the soaring of Yimeng economy and making new contribution to building a rich and beautiful Luozhuang. 

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