Technical Innovation

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  In line with the strategy of “Develop Enterprise by Technology”, the group actively cooperates with colleges and technical research institutions around the country. It builds “Industry-University-Research” cooperation base with Nantong Textile College, Dalian University of Technology, Linyi University, Shandong Jianzhu University, etc. Several R&D results of the group and colleges have reached international advanced level, which helps the group win international reputation and brings profits.
  The group actively implements the strategy of creating famous brand by technology, improving enterprise popularity by famous-brand products, and driving product sale by enterprise popularity, which lays solid backup force and foundation for enterprise development.
  The group continuously strengthens investment in technical development and operation. In recent years, its technical development costs account for over 3% of its total sales and increase year after year, providing fund guarantee for high-standard test room, laboratory and laboratory shop.

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