Enterprise Culture

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Enterprise culture is the source of enterprise vitality. It refers to enterprise’s characteristic values, operation norm, operation style, enterprise spirit, moral rule and development goal which are gradually formed during the practice of the enterprise in the market economy of socialism and approved and abided by all staff. It is the fundamental embodiment of enterprise individuation and the soul of the survival, competition and development of the enterprise.  
Enterprise Tenet: People Oriented, Credible Operation, Quality First, Efficiency Foremost.
Xinguang Spirit: Studious, Pioneering, Harmonious, Sincere, Climb Peak Again
Enterprise Development Policy: Maintenance, Expansion, Integration, Promotion
Business Philosophy: Do Present Work Well, Develop Future Cause Well
Development Is of Overriding Importance, Way Out Only Comes from Strong Development.
Enterprise Mission: Provide Perfect Service and High-quality Products for Customers, Build Platform for Realizing Life Value for Staff, Make Outstanding Contribution to Economic Development and Social Progress, Realize Simultaneous Development of Enterprise, Staff and Society.
Quality Policy: We Provide Satisfactory Products and Services for Users at Present and in the Future
Enterprise Goal and Development Thought: High Quality, High Efficiency, High Technology,Product Globalization, Industry Informationization, Capital Internationalization, Value Increase Maximization

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