Social Responsibility

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Xinguang Group for many years in rural construction, donated assistant, poor disabled and other public welfare activities, many actively reaching out for the home infrastructure and improve people's lives to do their part, over the years for various social contributions of several million million.
Wherein the 5.12 Wenchuan after the earthquake, the company once more than 50 million donation to the disaster area, and mobilize our employees to take part in fund-raising activities, called spontaneous party company to pay "special membership" nearly 13,000 yuan;
Group arranged a number of people with disabilities and Disabled children directly in the company to work, drive disabled families out of the woods;
2009 donation to Linyi College of Fine Arts scholarship $ 30,000 to support the development of education, the same year through the "College Dream" campaign donations 40,000 yuan to poor students, care the next generation of growth, helping several students to complete their studies;
2010 Linyi City Samaritan Foundation to more than 30 million donation for foster healthy social trends build a harmonious home make a great contribution;
December 2012 poor students donate 40,000 yuan;
2013 January Linyi "one dollar" odd jobs market works donated materials worth more than 50 million. Over the years has been enthusiastic about public welfare Shin Kong Group, the company that for the country's modernization efforts, the government share those concerns for social welfare undertakings to make more contributions not only to broaden the field of enterprise development needs, but also an important way to return to the community and the bounden duty of mansions responsibilities.

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