Non-Woven Fabrics

   The non-woven fabric project covers an area of ​​more than 68,000 square meters and has more than 200 employees, including 80 professional and technical personnel with a college degree or above. It is a spunlace non-woven fabric manufacturer in my country.
   The company introduces advanced technology and equipment, insists on technological innovation and management innovation: equipped with spunlace non-woven fabric production equipment provided by German Trussler, Diro, Isla, French Andritz, Taiwan Riwei, etc.; at the same time with Donghua University cooperates to promote process development and technological innovation.
   The spunlace non-woven products produced by the company are mainly made of viscose fiber, polyester staple fiber, and bamboo pulp fiber. There are two process forms of parallel laying and cross laying. There are various specifications from 30-150gsm and annual production capacity. 15,000 tons. Product styles include plain weave, pearl weave, diamond jacquard, 22 mesh small mesh, etc. Special jacquard patterns can be customized according to customer requirements, mainly used in medical and health, industrial wipes, filter materials, clothing linings, artificial leather base cloths and other fields. The company's products sell well in



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